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Learn Arabic with Danial Farooq New Series Episode One

Hello, if you are looking to learn Arabic you have come to the right place. I am excited to announce the launch of a new podcast where we go through simple Arabic dialogues from the book Bayna Yadayk to help you practice your listening skills. The first episode focuses on meetings and introductions. I would […]

Should Social Media be Censored?

Social media needs censorship, and any one who claims that this oppresses our freedom of expression needs to realise that the idea of freedom of expression is flawed in theory and politicised in practice. It is impossible to implement, and has never been implemented anywhere historically – not even today, in our liberal societies.It is […]

Plan A hardly leads to success. Nor does plan B.

Fail fast and cheap. So if we are planning for our next side hustle or for a project, preliminary analysis is important to begin with. But long elaborate detailed business plans are becoming a thing of the past. Great start-ups are lean, and respond quickly to feedback. It’s impossible to know everything to begin with […]

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